Fool-proof Strategy to Growing A Business

Fool-Proof Strategy to Growing A Business
Fool-Proof Strategy to Growing A Business

Growing a business gets difficult as years go by – your tasks go longer and voila, you’re overwhelmed.

I’ve realized over the years in the business, that the key to success is balancing your to-dos, not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed and of course, increasing your sales or revenue, whatever that may be.

Here’s the thing– it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Sounds impossible, right?

What if I tell you that it’s not?

I’ve jotted down fool-proof business strategies that you can follow to grow your business below.

1.Get the tornado of thoughts out of your head.

Take the time to write down your thoughts and to-dos and you’ll see you are less overwhelmed day in and day out. 

My team has been doing this for quite some time now and trust me, their performance is 80% better than before. And yes, that’s a lot of progress. 

2. Categorize your to–do’s. Here’s how you may do it:

-urgent and important

-urgent and not important

-not urgent and important

-not urgent and not important

This is called the Eisenhower Decision Matrix and is the key to business growth. Once you’re done with your brainstorming, start categorizing your priorities.

3. Manage your energy and start delegating. 

Questions you might want to ask yourself are these:

  • When are you most energized during the day?
  • When do you have spare time available to you?
  • What obligations do you need to attend to?


List your tasks and allot how much energy each one takes. 

When things start to get overwhelming after doing these, consider outsourcing. Choose things that you can delegate to your team. 

Stop multitasking. It’s never productive. 

And trust me, these strategies are life-changing! 


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