Rees Ringrose

Change Your Life For the Better

I’m just getting a lot more results just following Hassan’s coaching, and it’s been truly incredible. 

What do you want to do in life?

Most of us, if not all, don’t know what to do in life. Even after we finish studying or landing a job and making money, some people change aspirations more often than they change underwear (funny and g, I may add, but that’s the truth). Lucky are those born who already know what they want to do, but most people take so long to define what they want in life.

This was the same case with Rees Ringrose, a freelancer who didn’t know what he was doing when he first met Hassan Bash and had no clear end goal. Simply put, he was pretty all over the place and was getting mediocre results in what he did.

How do you change your life for the better?

Rees Ringrose’s secret is CLARITY which he got from his sessions with Hassan Bash. It allowed him to focus on what he truly wanted, to take action, and be energized.

In meeting Hassan, he really cleared up a lot for me, like he showed me what it really needs to do, what I needed to focus on, what it really need to get done to really accomplish my goals. changed my life. It’s really ousted me from the loss drastically.

And in the months since they’ve done the one-on-one coaching, he could triple his offers and performance.

If you want to grow your business, your coaching practice, or get more clients, charge more, get in touch with Hassan. You will not regret it!


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