Chaim Solomon

Dreams to Reality

Like many of us, Chaim Solomon, an entrepreneur, has a lot of dreams and never really had much time to make them a reality. Not until he had sessions with Hassan Bash. It was only then he realized what truly mattered. Watch how he got helped by Hassan in learning what his dreams are and how he got them real.

Life was more like in a place of me not knowing exactly what I want, you know, I [was] just moving around and looking what I wanna find in life, less focused I would say that. the moment I met you, it put more clarity [on] what I want. You’ve helped me a lot [in] understanding what I want, how I need to get those things, [and] what’s my fundamentals and core values in life. And those things are what really changed it. And that event, and meeting you really helped me more understand what I wanna do [to].

My experience was a like being honestly more understanding about what I want to do and putting more focus on my life, and about my business, and not just that but also focusing on how I will get there because before I met you, I had the least clarity. when we’re doing the sessions together, you helped me understand what I wanted to do. Just for example, and till today– six months after, seven months after, I have still on my phone every day, twice a day, getting fundamentals and core of what for me– happy, charitable, and successful. 

Even though I don’t do the same things a day, I do use a couple of things, but still those things– I still didn’t take it off, and for some reason every time I see it, I have like a little quick in my self of understanding this is what I want. Am I getting closer to it?

So charitable, just for example, I’ve got more charitable. You know I gave a more Christmas, you know, happen. I’m not a Christian, I am Jewish, but I help a lot of kids, and I’ll pass all VA helping kids that like are homeless with their parents that don’t have any money or anything to get presents and I got them presents. That was the one step to get more charitable. 

And successful–  putting a lot more into my business even though in a hard time, then continue pushing.

And happy– I’m gonna propose! This is the most happy [happiest] thing I can even put my mind to. When you helped me understand this is what I want, that helped me understand that in time I want to propose. And the moment we had our sessions, I was not sure back then about this relationship. But you helped me understand that this is what I want. 


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