Khoren Khatch
Logistics Broker

How A Logistics Broker Overcame Negative Habits and Achieved Success with Coaching – Learn How You Can Do It Too!

Are you tired of feeling like your bad habits are holding you back? Do you struggle with breaking them or feel stuck in a career that doesn’t align with your passion? You’re not alone. The truth is many people experience these challenges, and they can be difficult to overcome without the right guidance and support.

That’s where High-Performance Coach Hassan Bash comes in. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, Hassan has helped countless individuals transform their lives, just like Khoren Khatch, a successful logistics industry broker. In just six months of working with Hassan, Khoren was able to break bad habits and pursue a new career path aligned with his passion, all thanks to the personalized and supportive sessions with Hassan.

Hassan offers a well-rounded coaching experience that includes both in-person and online sessions, ensuring that his clients receive the guidance and support they need to reach their goals. Khoren found the coaching to be particularly beneficial, especially when meeting in person, where he could fully focus on his goals and the guidance provided.

Through Hassan’s guidance, Khoren was able to cut out weed and nicotine from his life and plan to eliminate them completely in the future. Although he struggles with meditation and reading, he has integrated them into his daily routine, introducing more positive habits into his life and eliminating negative ones, leading to a greater sense of control and fulfillment.

But the benefits of coaching didn’t end there. Khoren was also able to explore business consulting and discovered his passion for helping others fulfill their potential. He plans to pursue the idea of starting his own mentorship program, a testament to the powerful impact coaching sessions have.

These key takeaways from Khoren’s story can serve as valuable lessons that can be applied to your own life with the potential to make a significant positive impact:

  1. Seek personalized and supportive coaching: Find a coach or mentor who will tailor their coaching approach to your specific needs and goals, and who will create a safe space and non-judgmental space where you can be open and honest about your thoughts, feelings and experiences.
  2. Identify and break bad habits, take control of your habits and lifestyle: Become aware of them first. Self-reflection and introspection can help to identify negative behaviors that are holding us back. It is also helpful to seek feedback from others, as they may have insights  that we are not aware of. Be intentional about the habits you develop and the lifestyle you create.
  3. Pursue a career path aligned with your passion: Identify your passions and interests. Consider what you enjoy doing in your free  time or hobbies, and think about how you can incorporate these interests into your career.


If you’re ready to break your bad habits, find clarity, and pursue your passion, Hassan Bash is here to help. His expertise and authority in coaching can guide you towards personal growth and success, so don’t wait any longer to unlock your potential and live the life you deserve.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill

Khoren Khatch

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