Khoren Khatch
Logistics Broker

Discover the Power of Mentorship: A Logistic Broker’s Journey to Overcoming Addiction and Finding Purpose

Do you ever feel lost or uncertain about your life and future? Have you ever struggled with addiction and found it difficult to break free from destructive habits? What if there is a way to break free from the grip of destructive habits and discover your true purpose?

Prepare to be inspired and compelled to take action. The power to overcome addiction and find purpose is within your reach. Join Khoren Khatch on his remarkable journey and discover the untapped potential within yourself.


Khoren Khatch is a determined broker in the logistics industry who dared to dream bigger and strive for personal growth. In a society that often values financial success above all else, Khoren knew there was more to life than just monetary achievements. He craved a profound transformation that would empower him to conquer his inner demons and unlock his true potential.

And then there’s Hassan Bash, a High-Performance Coach. Through the mentorship program, Khoren discovered an unwavering support system and guide who refused to settle for anything less than his ultimate growth and challenged him to confront his addictions, question his habits, and envision a future of limitless possibilities.

The Challenges

Before entering the mentorship program guided by High-Performance Coach Hassan Bash, Khoren Khatch found himself at a crossroads. Financially successful, yet unsatisfied, he yearned for something more- an elevated existence fueled by intentional habits and a crystal-clear sense of purpose. However, the elusive nature of clarity weighed heavily on his shoulders, obstructing his path to personal growth and fulfillment.

Khoren’s greatest challenge lay in bridging the gap between his current reality and the life he envisioned for himself. He sought guidance to navigate the complexities of transforming his habits, transcending addiction, and aligning his personal and professional aspirations. The shadows of uncertainty and self-doubt loomed large threatening to derail his journey before it even began.

The Solution

Recognizing the torrent of ideas swirling within Khoren’s mind, Hassan Bash skillfully honed in on his mentee’s potential, providing a unique blend of business consulting and performance coaching. With laser-like precision, Hassan helped Khoren navigate  the labyrinth of possibilities that lay before him, unraveling the threads of his diverse aspirations to reveal the true essence of his purpose.

Together, they embarked on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the depths of Khoren’s passions and untapped potential. The realm of possibilities was vast, as Khoren harbored dreams of opening a coffee shop, unleashing his creativity through writing and publishing a book, captivating audiences as a DJ. Yet, amidst the kaleidoscope of choices, Hassan deftly guided Khoren towards an extraordinary realization: his true calling resided in mentoring others, illuminating their paths towards growth and self-actualization.

With Hassan’s unwavering support, Khoren embarked on a meticulous process of crafting his own mentorship program – an endeavor fueled by his firsthand experience of triumphing over addiction and finding purpose. Drawing from the profound transformations he had undergone, Khoren meticulously designed a roadmap to guide others through self-discovery, empowering them to break-free from the shackles of addiction and embrace their true potential.

Through strategic planning, tailored advice, and hands-on coaching, Hassan helped Khoren unlock his full potential as a mentor and a leader, empowering him to navigate the intricacies of building and scaling his program with confidence and efficacy.

The Results

Khoren Khatch embarked on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth through the mentorship program with Hassan Bash. The remarkable outcomes he achieved are as follows:

  1. Liberation from Addiction: With the unwavering support and guidance of Hassan, Khoren broke the chains of his weed and nicotine addiction. He harnessed the power of discipline and determination to establish healthy habits that not only transformed his own life but also inspired those around him.
  2. Unveiling Clarity and Purpose: The mentorship program became a beacon of light for Khoren, illuminating a path towards profound clarity and purpose. Armed with a renewed sense of self-awareness, he channeled his passion for mentorship into creating a transformative program that would ignite the flames of success in others.
  3. Leadership Unleashed: Empowered by the mentorship program, Khoren emerged as a dynamic and influential leader. Equipped with an arsenal of leadership skills and a deep well of confidence, he rallied his team towards achieving greatness. His inspiring decision-making and unwavering determination served him as a driving force, propelling his team to conquer challenges and reach new heights  of sustainable success.

The Testimonial

Here is is Khoren had to say about Hassan’s program:

“[Hassan has an] interesting program because the way he just has it all scheduled in terms of eight to ten different features, which are timed like, perfectly how they work because you might not even realize it during and then the last week comes and then you’re like, oh sh*t, like, everything works.

Khoren Khatch’s journey from addiction to empowerment stands as a testament to the transformative power of mentorship. Through his partnership with Hassan Bash, he shattered the chains of his past, unearthed his true purpose, and achieved remarkable success. Now, it’s your turn.

If you yearn for clarity, seek to break free from the grip of addiction, or aspire to unlock your full potential, take that leap of faith. Remember, the power to rewrite your story lies within your grasp. Will you seize this opportunity to transform your life and forge a path to greatness? Take that first step, book your session now, and let the journey towards your extraordinary future begin.

Khoren Khatch

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