Montseratt Araujo
Tax Resolution Lawyer, Araujo Law Offices

From Rock Bottom to Getting Back Up


Before working with Hassan, we went from $800,000 revenue– goals revenue in 2019 to $237,000 in 2020. And then practically nothing in 2021.

This was the life of Montseratte Araujo before she met Hassan Bash. Read more on her experience working with him and how she has transformed from nothing to getting back her earnings and more below.

First, Hassan, I am very excited to speak [about] my experiences with you. I am Montseratt Araujo. I’m a Tax Resolution Attorney, and I’ve been doing it since 2009.

Before working with you, it felt like I was a floating balloon trying to stay tethered somewhere and not float off. I guess it was no support, really, and many different opinions and other promises. It was not a good experience. 

My website had to be changed because the Google algorithm changed in 2019– December of 2019, pertaining specifically to debt resolution companies. You can no longer say “debt.” You had to change everything to be Google compliant and eventually be able to use Google Click, Google Ads, all those things. So that was right when Covid was hitting. My websites were taken down because they were supposed to be rebuilt. Unfortunately, I hired the wrong person, definitely hired the wrong person. [I] spent much money and still didn’t have a working website, so the business started plummeting like no [indistinct]. We went from $800,000 revenue– goals revenue in 2019 to $237,000 in 2020. And then practically nothing in 2021.

And in 2022 so far, yeah. 

Okay. So, your services are not different from those I was talking to and was thinking of working with. The reason I chose you is because of your demeanor. You’re [a] very calm and methodical way of explaining the process that you utilized and, what I took to be very transparent, on is no BS kind of approach. And the other thing was I didn’t feel like you were trying to sell me necessarily something I didn’t need. You are good about saying, “well, let’s not spend money on this right now. You don’t need that right now. Let’s focus on this. This is something you can handle financially. These results could yield, you know, so let’s try that.”

And I appreciated that because you rarely hear that from any business owner. Trying like giving me free tips, or free tips! “This is how you can save money.” I’m not, and you don’t charge me for that advice. 

You gave it gratis, and so I appreciated that.

Well, the work we did with my team was your 90-day game plan, which opened my eyes to– I’m not a data person, I’m not! I’m a, I’m a tree– hiking a tree basically, and those things don’t resonate with me. However, going through the 90-day program taught me a lot. That program was eye-opening, you know. It wasn’t just about the data. I mean, it was also learning about funnels and how to figure out this “avatar” thing. You know, I remember the moving Avatar, but I was, “what is the meaning of an avatar?”

And I came to find out we were building our ideal customer. What do they look like? How do we target them? What do they mean for our business? Are they the primary target? Shall we focus on that, or is there something else we’re missing? So it was an involved process, I would say, and even though I’m the kind of person who never has time for anything, I did make the time, and you made the time. And you made that possible for me to do it at the time during Covid when resources were not at their best. So that was the other thing while I always recommend you to people not that, you know, you gave your services away for free, but you can evaluate and let the person know what it would cost, and you’re reasonable. So, um, and you’re knowledgeable, and you’re patient. 

You’re very patient during the 90-day program, so I appreciated that. And I just had to say that I’ve stuck around for so long about this conversation we’re having, your empathy, sympathy, patience, genuine kindness, and caring for your client. Because it’s invaluable, it is not common, and it’s a rarity that it should be more commonplace than it is, and you do a beautiful job of that, honestly.

Well, I can tell you from experience, right? I referred you to my husband and his startup. He’s got a coffee startup and the Italian roasting housework with you, and I was empathic that my husband works with you because he doesn’t know the American market. He doesn’t know how to determine who his customer base is formal. And though I think it’s essential for businesses that are just starting. I would benefit from this because I’ve been doing this for ten years now. And, in the ninth year, I sought you out. Had I had this from the beginning in 2011, I’m sure I would be in a much different position now. So I believe that probably startups or very recently started businesses are an excellent target that benefits. Not like an old dog can’t learn new tricks, meaning me, but you know, I think that is who would benefit a lot from this.

 I can’t say enough positive things about you, and that’s genuine. My takeaway is that everyone can work with you because you can work with everyone. You’re very insightful, intuitive, [and] empathic, so I know that you can mentally, [and] psychologically be able to work with a vast ray of different people. And so the takeaway here is you are for everybody, and they don’t know it.

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