Marco and Andrei Bertolino
Entrepreneur, Mokabar
Coffee Roastery

Homegrown Brand Making Waves in the Foreign Market


We can’t treat all the customers in the same way as we see them every week.

Several entrepreneurs have seen a challenging time when faced with disrupted supply chains to a lack of market access, logistic blocks, and roadblocks like lack of a standardized operating system. The grit in marketing strategies has made it difficult for small business owners across the country to find accessible growth opportunities. 

This has been the case for Marco and Andrew Bertolino, who manage a small roastery family business, Mokabar, in Turin, Italy. 

“It’s been quite the same since our father started. So, you know, there was no great change.” 

-Marco Bertolino

They were focused on the local people and were keen on presence rather than marketing. And that worked for them, not until they decided to expand to a larger market.

Faced with the more significant challenge of not knowing who their new market was, they overcame it with grit and determination.

“We were overwhelmed by all this information, but then, as time passed, we discovered how good the 90-Day Game Plan was. That is a real game-changer.”

With the 90-Day Program with Hassan Bash, Mokabar re-strategized and innovated according to local and foreign market preferences and built a standardized company procedure and operating system that their employees may use. It’s the first since the brothers Marco and Andrei Bertolino ran the family business in 2011.

“We are not a brand new company, but if you want to improve your approach in the market and better understand what is working and what is not working well inside your company or your organization. It’s a good way to grow.”

The business world may get overwhelming at times, but once you are empowered with new skills and capabilities, technical insights on foreign expansions, robust customer support, and seamless post-transaction experience, the growth you’ve been thinking about is within your reach.


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