Barbara Ross

How Clarity Helped Barbara Ross Narrow Her Focus and Target Her Perfect Avatar

Are you feeling trapped in the confines of your local market, yearning to expand your business to new horizons? Are the challenges of marketing without a clear plan causing you sleepless nights? Prepare to delve into this case study of a writer/entrepreneur whose life changed dramatically when she embarked on a journey alongside High-Performance Coach Hassan Bash.

Brace yourself for a tale of transformation, where the power of clarity and strategic guidance unlocked the doors to unparalleled growth and success and ready to break the limitations holding you and your business back as we embark on this exploration of triumph against all odds.


Barbara Ross, a writer with a deep passion for both her craft and the family construction business, faced challenges due to the lack a clear marketing plan, and clarity in general. With the guidance of High-Performance Coach Hassan Bash’s 90-Day Game Plan, Barbara gained clarity and transformed her marketing approach. By narrowing her scope and focusing on her perfect avatar, she achieved remarkable results in a short period.

The Challenge

Juggling multiple responsibilities and lacking a clear plan, Barbara Ross’ marketing efforts became scattered and unfocused. Valuable video content gathered dust, and strategic marketing activities remained elusive, leaving untapped potential and missed opportunities in their wake. The absence of a concrete strategy presented Barbara with the daunting task of navigating the turbulent waters of business growth without a compass.

The Solution

With a desire to overcome her challenges, Barbara Ross eagerly joined Hassan Bash’s 90-Day Game Plan, embarking on a transformative journey towards clarity and success. From the moment she immersed herself in the program, Barbara discovered a world of enjoyment and enlightenment. Hassan’s structured approach and expert guidance proved invaluable, providing her with the necessary tools to navigate the intricate realm of marketing with confidence.

As the program unfolded, Barbara’s understanding of her specific marketing needs deepened. She learned to filter through the vast sea of information, distilling it to its essence to suit her unique business requirements. In the process of exploration and discovery, Barbara experienced a remarkable shift in her perspective. She realized that the sheer number of followers was not the ultimate measure of success for their business. Instead, she discovered the power of targeting a specific audience – their perfect avatar.

Barbara embraced the concept of narrowing her marketing plan, honing in on professional individuals who were not only aligned with their services but also held immense potential for fruitful partnerships. By zeroing in on this specific segment, Barbara’s marketing efforts became laser-focused, allowing her to tailor her messages and strategies to resonate deeply with her target audience.

The Results

Barbara Ross’ journey, fueled by Hassan Bash’s 90-Day Game Plan, yielded extraordinary results that surpassed all expectations. Let’s explore the concrete and measurable results  she attained during this transformative period:

    1. Unleashing Unprecedented Growth: Barbara’s implementation of the 90-Day Game Plan propelled her family’s construction business to unprecedented levels of growth. By adopting a clear and focused marketing strategy, she witnessed a surge in new opportunities, expanding her business beyond what she had ever imagined.
    2. Targeted Precision and Market Penetration: Through the program, Barbara gained a deep understanding of her target audience and their specific needs. Armed with this knowledge, she crafted tailored marketing messages that resonated with her ideal customers. This precision targeting not only resulted in significant increase in leads but also enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.
    3. A Competitive Edge in the Market: Barbara’s strategic approach, honed through the guidance of Hassan Bash, allowed her to stand out in a crowded market place. By carving a niche for her business and aligning her marketing efforts with her perfect avatar, she established a unique position that differentiated her from the competition. This newfound competitive edge translated into increased market share and brand recognition.
    4. Enhanced Brand Reputation: As Barbara implemented the 90-Day Game Plan, her business experienced a remarkable shift in brand perception. The focused marketing strategy not only generated more visibility but also positioned her as an authority in her industry. Customers began to recognize her family’s construction business as the go-to provider for their specific needs, further bolstering their reputation and credibility.
    5. Inspiring Leadership and Team Empowerment: Barbara’s journey went beyond marketing tactics; it fostered a transformational shift in her leadership style. Armed with newfound clarity and confidence, unwavering commitment to excellence and her ability to navigate challenges with resilience instilled a sense of empowerment among her team – her family, driving them to excel and contribute to the overall success of the business.

The Testimonial

Barbara Ross reflects on her experience with Hassan Bash’s 90-Day Marketing Program, expressing initial skepticism due to her prior experience in marketing. However, she was pleasantly surprised by the valuable tips and tricks she learned from the program, even as an experienced marketer.

“Going into [Hassan’s] program, I was a little bit skeptical that I was gonna learn anything because I’ve been working in marketing for such a long time. But I was pleasantly surprised, and I did pick up some tips and tricks.

Barbara highly recommends the program to startups or anyone starting a new business venture. She emphasizes that the educational experience and comprehensive cycle provided by Hassan Bash’s program make it a worthwhile investment, helping entrepreneurs gain clarity and transform chaos into organized success.

“I would absolutely recommend your program to anyone who is starting out with a new business. It was such a great educational experience [and] it’s very worth your while.

If you’re ready to unlock you and your business’ full potential, gain clarity, and create a tailored marketing strategy, book a session with Hassan Bash today. Take the first step towards transforming your business by harnessing the power of high-performance coaching!

Barbara Ross

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