Marco and Andrei Bertolino
Entrepreneur, Mokabar in Italy

How Italy’s Mokabar Leveraged Clarity and Hassan Bash’s 90-Day Program Expand Their Reach

Are you struggling to expand your business beyond your local market? Are you having trouble finding clarity you need to take your business to the next level? Mokabar, a roastery based in Turin, Italy, faced similar challenges in their journey towards expanding their export business. However, with the help of Performance Coach Hassan Bash they were able to gain more clarity on their long-term vision and goals and achieve remarkable growth in just 90 days.


Mokabar, a roastery that has been roasting coffee for 50 years, faced challenges in expanding their business beyond their local market. With the help of High-Performance Coach Hassan Bash’s 90-Day Program, Mokabar was able to gain more clarity  on their long-term vision goals, enabling them to expand their business beyond their expectations.

The Challenge

Mokabar had been keen on their local market, focusing on the quality of their products and serving their local clients. However, they knew they needed to expand their business in order to reach their full potential. They faced challenges in finding the clarity they needed to take their business to the next level and lacked a clear direction for their long-term vision and goals. Mokabar knew they needed guidance and a comprehensive approach to gain more clarity and direction in their business.

The Solution

To tackle Mokabar’s challenge of expanding their business beyond their local market, Hassan Bash provided a comprehensive approach that involved discussing specific marketing strategies for their export business. He then went on to guide Mokabar by using a powerful technique of asking questions that drew out their visions and helped them discover their own answers and insights. Through this approach, Hassan empowered Mokabar to gain more clarity, enabling them to see their long-term goals and vision more clearly.

The Results

With the help of Hassan Bash’s 90-Day Game Plan, Mokabar was able to achieve remarkable growth beyond their expectations. In just 90 days, Mokabar expanded their business to new markets and achieved a significant increase in their export business.

  • Effective Coaching Approach: Hassan’s approach of asking questions to help Moka Bar see their own answers was highly effective. This approach allowed Moka Bar to discover their own insights and answers, rather than relying on external advice or direction.
  • Valuable Insights: Through the coaching program, Moka Bar was able to take away valuable insights that helped them get more clarity on their long-term vision. These insights allowed them to see their goals and direction more clearly and make more informed decisions for their business.
  • Increased Confidence: The clarity and insights gained from the coaching program increased Moka Bar’s confidence in their direction and decision-making. This allowed them to move forward with more conviction and purpose in their business.

The Testimonial

Marco Bertolino had this to say about Hassan Bash’s process:

Hassan’s approach of asking questions to help us find our own answers was incredibly helpful. With his guidance and the clarity we gained from the 90-Day Program, we were able to expand our business beyond our expectations. We highly recommend Hassan’s coaching to anyone seeking clarity and direction in their business.

Don’t let a lack of clarity hold you back from achieving your export potential. Follow the example of Moka Bar and seek out the guidance of a High-Performance Coach like Hassan Bash. With the right approach, you can unlock your true potential and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams. Book a session today!

Marco and Andrei Bertolino

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