Matthew Smurda
Family Lawyer

Idea Is Only As Good As Execution


Idea or execution — which do you think is more important?

Execution is what makes the seed of an idea into a thriving business if done correctly, of course. Without execution, an idea is simply a concept, no matter how great it is. Idea and execution are inseparable factors, like the “cause” and “effect.”

The idea is never a problem for Matthew Smurda, a Family Lawyer who navigates his way to his own business. Execution is.

You know you have a lot of good ideas, but those are meaningless without execution. And not everybody knows how to execute. And that was where you came in, so I thought that was helpful.

So Hassan Bash, who is well conversed in the world of startups where execution is paramount– blood life is the better word of startups.

From idea to execution

A common perception of an entrepreneur is the idea-generating, dream-chasing idealist. This one-sided view overlooks the entrepreneur’s equally important part- the unyielding executioner. Facebook’s cofounder Mark Zuckerberg had a big vision to “dominate” communication on the Internet, and he could communicate his perspective better than anyone. He also made that vision happen.

For Matthew Smurda, his idea launched into reality when he started his journey with Hassan Bash. From identifying who his avatar is to standardizing his processes, coming up with more tailored strategies, and even getting resources from data to people. And now, he is slowly building waves out there and making things happen based on his vision.

You point me in the direction of so many good resources to build a team, places you could go to find data on what the public is searching for. So I felt like coming in naked and leaving clothed in your sessions.




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