Barbara Ross
Industrial Company

Know Your Avatar: The Key to A Successful Business

Knowing and understanding your customer avatar is the overarching rule of exceptional business.

What does your perfect client look like? Does she have kids or not? Does she prefer dogs over cats? 

Simple questions like these affect how people make their decisions. Failing to profile your customer, you fail to understand that individual’s decision-making process. Award-winning business builders know their customers as much as they know their families.

Barbara Ross, a writer, and an entrepreneur who runs a construction company with her husband, having and understanding their avatar, is the most valuable part of the 90-Day Program with Hassan Bash.

I am more aware of what I need to work on.”

Very much skeptical in the beginning, thinking she’s already exposed to marketing and all other stuff as it is her piece of cake, later she realized that she is enjoying every bit of her session with Hassan Bash. From the refreshers to how things in a company flow, everything was presented with an easy-to-follow process at her own pace.

She then narrowed down their programs, plans, and what she was looking for, making emails coming back and forth since. 

True enough, you cannot target your marketing at everyone because not everyone needs your product or your service badly enough. Developing an avatar lets you narrow your holistic marketing plan so it appeals to people who urgently need your product or services. 



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