Rod Daniels
Food and Beverage, Real Estate

Clarity: The Secret Weapon to Explosive Growth


I was geared up to ratchet to another level because everything was cleared up for me.


Are you struggling to understand what you are doing and how things would work for you?

Rod Daniels did, too.

Clarity in business is the secret to realizing a purpose-driven business. When you have business clarity, you have a clear direction.

It was the same problem for Rod Daniels, who has been in the restaurant business for twenty-seven years, and real estate for six years. He was doing reasonably well in both but didn’t fully understand why things were not working as well as he would like them to.

So an Executive Coaching Program that matches his needs was developed to support his individual development. Within a few clarity sessions, he changed his behavior and approach, which translated to significant improvements in his performance that radiated into his business’s explosive growth.

After the program, things became much smoother, easier, and I had a better understanding of what I was trying to achieve, and my road map became clear.

A year on, the session continues to champion the shift in the mindset and behavior of Rod Daniels. He would even make recommendations to his peers about how Hassan Bash has transformed his life from being vague to becoming clear about what he wants to happen in his life.

I recommend Hassan’s program to many of my peers and friends who have businesses and professionals. If someone comes along and gives us a roadmap of what we’re trying to achieve and what we want to do, that would make life much better all year round.

No, I don’t need someone to guide me!

Take it from Rod Daniels, who never thought he would need a Performance Coach for guidance.

I thought I had everything in control, but I was wrong. I think everyone needs someone to show you the rocks and the river.


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Want Results Like This? Apply Below for A Custom Growth Session!

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