Leigh Lim
Program Director, Valuetainment

Passion For Life Back

The old me is dead!

The old me is dead!

We experience life changes when dealing with unique situations and responsibilities. Whether good or awful, issues will constantly shift your direction in life because demands at work, following dreams, and impressing others need a fresh perspective.

What do you do when things don’t work how you want them?

Do you keep going down the same path? Or do you do a major overhaul?

Leigh Lim, now a Program Director at Valuetainment, once struggled to find her passion for life.

Not knowing what she truly wants in life– always trying to survive through a task, a project, or a career, it felt like she was pulling herself out of a swamp by her hair with a natural aversion to a persistent effort that no amount of caffeine can fix, she decided to do the latter with the help of Hassan Bash.

It came to a point where I couldn’t stand it anymore, you know. I needed change, and I needed something new. I needed to feel alive again.

Clarity is one of the main things distinguishing high-achieving people in business and professionals from others. Unfortunately, this was something she lacked.

I did not have any clarity. I had a lack of purpose. I was working to work, want a dollar amount.

After a series of life-changing sessions, Leigh Lim has now rebuilt herself to the ground up and has made her life turn 180. 

I was born again. Like I’m a completely different person. The old me is, you know, she’s dead. Like she’s not there anymore!

It takes courage to acknowledge what you’re missing to jumpstart your life on fire from rock bottom. It’s hard to let go of the person you used to be, and it’s pretty scary. Hassan Bash helps you be the best you.

Are you willing to help yourself and let go of the old you?


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