Dustin O'Daffer
Youtube Content Creator

The Becoming of A High-Performer

Dustin O’Daffer is a Youtube Content Creator who struggled with picking up a direction to go with his never-ending ideas. Watch how he completely transformed his life by being the high performer he can be.

Before I started the program, I was kind of lost. I had different ideas  [about ] the things I was doing and I wasn’t really picking a direction to go with any of it. And, ah, it was a time of confusion but also a time of exploration, you know. Sometimes the best ideas we have come when we’re in that state of, you know, not knowing what to do next. And that’s really where I was. I was just kind of looking around asking you know what’s what’s next for me and who do I want to become in the next stage of my life. 

When we kicked things off, we did a sort of like an autopsy of what my skills were and what my abilities were within the high performance framework. So Hassan would ask me various questions about how I was performing in some areas of my life ah, and rating me. He was having me rate myself on where I was [in] those places, and if you’ve read Brandon Burchard’s book– the High-Performance Habits, you’ll know there’s all these questions asked. And sometimes it’s hard for us to do that ourselves. And having someone who could walk me through the questions where I didn’t have to like think about it and read it. He would just ask– that was life-changing! 

[Life is] 10x better! I mean for me like like coming out of the coaching that I did with Hassan, I was and I still am on fire. And I think one of the biggest things that Hassan had told me– this is his huge leverage right here– is to build a feedback loom with  [a] microphone on your phone. Just take recordings of your thoughts and theaffirmations you want to happen and who you want to become. Hassan recommended that I start doing this and within a couple of weeks, it just completely transformed the internal dialogue I was having with myself. And because that internal dialogue changed because those thoughts changed, I was able to expand my horizons so much so much more! 

There’s a handful people in my mind that I would I’d encourage them to get some coaching. there’s actually one guy in my mind right now that I really wanna push him to  [work] with you.

I think anyone who is doing creative content on Youtube is gonna need to implement on high-performance habits.I think being a high performer isn’t exclusive to any sort of job. It’s rather, do I want to be one of the best with what I’m doing, do I want to maintain excellence with what I’m doing whether you’re a Youtube or you’re working in a kitchen, whether you are a writer, whatever that is, you must practice high-performance habits if you want to be a high performer in your industry.  

And Hassan has some of the best advice to hold you accountable [for] in getting things done. So it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. I went to a variety of coaches, I  think I’ve had 4 or 5 coaches now, and Hassan has been my favorite. 

 read the High-Performance Habits book two times, I have listened to the audiobook ah two or three times, and I come back to it every couple of years. I don’t think that it’s something that you just go on once and put down. It really is something that you should come back to again and again. I will keep finding people in seeking out other high performers who can help me out and hold me accountable and challenge me, and I’m grateful that Hassan is one of them.




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