Elaine Kochanowicz
Seven-Figure Business Owner

The Power One Session Holds


Elaine Kochanowicz, an entrepreneur with a seven-figure business along with her husband and a start-up of her own, struggled with her lack of drive to sail the business world due to the absence of clarity. Witness how she has turned from being vague to having a clear goal and strategies to skyrocket her startup.

Right at that time, I had been helping with our business, and I was starting to think about [the] possibility [of] transitioning into something else.I had already gambled with it but was going to get a lot more serious about it. at that time; it was sort of like I was still at the place where what do you want to be when you grow up? So I lack some clarity so having this session really helped me, especially with that. what was the session like? 

We talked about several things. We started off talking about more specific strategies, especially around marketing as [a] startup. that was really insightful! And then we got into more talking about clarity and direction and what things were important to me, what did I want to see out of this, and what were my kind of my long term goals and my why. you went into a lot of different not only really helpful like strategies, I guess but even more than that was just the approach you took in trying to draw out what you know my visions were and what my vision was, which I kind of struggling.

In that one session, we discovered so much ground. And uh, I don’t know! It was just so cool. I love the way you approached to use questions to kind of help me see my own answers.

and I thought that was really helpful and like a few other things that really ended up you know you go to a conference and you do something and there’s just certain things you  take away from that time. And some of the things for me were, first of all, it really helped me get some clarity on my long-term vision. That’s something I have been working on, but you gave me two minutes to write it down, which (laughter) which you know sounds kind of crazy, but I think being under the pressure of it was actually so good because it was like, “Oh! Okay, what is it?” and it’s almost like it almost comes more from your just gut feeling because you just have to do it, right?

And going back and looking at that it’s like wow! I mean, this is pretty spot on! You know for kind of what I see my life looking like long term. also, you talked about three words that kind of describe you, and then you want to be an extension of you and all of the things you do. And again, you had to do it really quickly! And it’s so crazy, so I wrote down the three words and then I thought later ‘cause you’re like  “You can always go back and change them”. I thought later, well, maybe I should put down three words that are the things that I wanna be, not the things that I am. so I tried using those three like over and over like you suggested, you know putting it on your phone or something like that. I ended up going back to those three words and over time it is really just apparent that that is who I am and who I wanna be in the world. that was definitely really awesome! And so I think that you  have this non-judgmental kind of let’s-figure-this-out-together approach and a lot of insights as well and I think that that was definitely helpful. 

I definitely got more excited about this start-up opportunity. I think it’s helped me see a new vision and it’s really exciting [for] me. Another thing that came out of this session was the idea that I think at this point, [the] purpose is a little bit more important to me than money. Of course, money is important, and that’s what sustains you and  makes the world go round, but we are in [a] place where we don’t have to think about that quite as much! And so I think that it made me realize that at this point, [the] purpose is really important to me. And since then, I have really pursued this start-up opportunity a lot more. It’s still in its infancy state and I have been still working in our company as well part-time. But it’s exciting! And it’s definitely giving me a vision I’m looking forward to.

I would definitely recommend it, at least [from] my perspective, to people who are entrepreneurs, who are individuals who are looking for more clarity and direction either for their personal lives or for their business. And in addition to that, you know you did give some really practical strategies. And of course, I only did one session, but I’m sure just based on so much that you gave me in that one session that if you continue, you definitely get the accountability, and you know the more specific strategies. And you would follow up, you know, with how those are going and how those were implemented. But you did leave me with a lot of the things to think about, especially in terms of changing my mindset, getting clarity, you know, going towards my purpose, and all that. 

Hassan is so awesome! The one thing that makes you stand out so much is that you just genuinely care. I think that I mean that session was supposed to be one hour, but we [spent] two and a half hours together. And on top of that, you followed up, too, which is just…honestly, it was a lesson for me and just you know how to treat people. I mean, if everyone treated you that way, you would be happy to do any kind of projects with them, right? ‘Cause obviously, they wanna spend the time to help you so that’s awesome!

Hassan is definitely easy to work with, easy to get along with. Ah, he has kind of incredible [background] because you come like several different worlds so I feel like you could probably relate to a lot of people. And so that is definitely an advantage that I feel like that you have. So if anyone’s thinking to be working with you, I would definitely do the session, definitely give it a try because you will not gonna be disappointed. 


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