Peter Jobst

The Right Tools to Succeed

You’ll always get a better result if you use the right tools.

But it’s also more arduous along the way. The question is, are you willing to embrace the necessary tools?

Who wants to go out in the snow to get the same screwdriver or drill bit when you can usually find a semi-passable workaround? Or setting up a blog because it means you’ll have to write blog Authentics?

Stepping up and owning your professional development entails some sacrifice. Real leaders are willing to ask themselves – and others – what they don’t know and take action to correct it.

The same is true for Peter Jobst, an entrepreneur who owns an IT Company and runs his Youtube Channel for Disk Jockey on the side.

“I was very green in marketing, I was learning a lot about marketing my business at the time, and when we started working together, it was on social media marketing. That was where our engagement began. Just work on Youtube videos specifically for marketing, getting our name out there, and providing service to people. And you know, Hassan can tell you are first; it was just ridiculously awful.

And it’s taking me years to deal with microphones, cameras, and all the other things that go along with it. But the thing probably we learned that was most important was how you come up with the ideas, how you structure these videos, and how you plan to make them.

In the succeeding years, Hassan Bash introduced the 90-Day Game Plan to Peter Jobst, which worked well in bringing him to his A-Game in his business.

Working with Hassan for five years now, my marketing is better, my message is better, my offers are better, my story is better. And I finally feel like I can finally have an avenue to go market to customers.



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