Dr. Katherine Macey
CEO, Organize to Excel

The Secret to A Winning Strategy

Dr. Katherine Macey is the CEO of Organize to Excel who have been to different seminars and workshops about marketing but hasn’t really found her place in the said world. She knew she had to be comfortable in marketing to put her business to the next level.

In this video, watch as she uncovered the critical secrets to a winning marketing strategy as she had sessions with Hassan Bash.

The whole world was overwhelming. Like it was really like it was too much to understand. Like I’ve been to several different marketing workshops to try and understand this whole area of marketing. It’s not my natural place to be. I’m pretty much an introvert. I like to like hang out with myself and like not splurge too much about what I’m doing and with lots of things. And in order to grow my business, I had to get to that stage where I was comfortable being in the marketing world. And I was overwhelmed and a little bit scared but everything has to be done in the marketing world.

Hassan was extremely patient with me and extremely, courageous I guess you would say taking on somebody like me who really had no idea about what I was doing. And walking me through step by step each part of the process in order to get my business and my business’s story out into the world so that other people could benefit from the stuff that I have offered to the world. 

it was having that complete overwhelm, and like I just don’t even know which one, I don’t even know where to start. There are so many places where I could start, I don’t know where to start. So when I talked with Hassan, we spend some time really talking about what it was I needed and what it was that my business needed to move forward in the next step of my marketing journey. And him being in this is like understanding what is the different processes, strategies, and different tactics. He was able to really quickly hone in on this is what you should start with and this is where you should go from here. And then he was able to walk me, hold my hand as we went through, going through and helping me through the whole process and moving me along the journey very very quickly and very very efficiently.

The biggest takeaway that I had from working with Hassan is being able to treat my marketing as an experiment. I can really be able to utilize the different tools that he gave me so that I can not be attached so much to a particular outcome but to treat whatever marketing I’m doing as part of an experiment, And it gave me so much freedom to be able to explore and play and just test stuff out and then you see what actually works and what doesn’t. And it’s one thing being taught to do it by a marketing expert, it’s another thing experiencing it and doing it. So with Hassan, I was able to get go through the process, experience it, and really be able to understand that, ah, freedom you get from testing rather than “this has to be an outcome!

I’d recommend this to somebody who has probably been business for a while or has some business experience, ah, and it’s really to take the business to the next level. And, ah, it’s not for somebody, it’s probably not for somebody who is not like totally starting out from very very scratch, right really beginner beginner business owner because there’s probably too much other stuff  that you need to be working with.

But when you’re waiting to take a step up on your marketing and when you’re ready to scale your business so that you are gonna attract, because you’re gonna attract more leads, doing the marketing that Hassan’s doing. So when you’re ready to scale your business up, then ‘tis the good time to ask Hassan and say “Hassan, you know, I’m ready to scale my business so I’ve got my other systems are in place, now I need now I need new bodies in my business”

When you’re at that place, that would be the time when I would say go ahead and talk with Hassan.

Hassan is extraordinarily patient and he’s very good at what he does. He understands his process down to the very very core of whatever it is that he is doing and he can definitely help you move wherever you are right now if you are in that state of overwhelm like I was and help you move past that overwhelm into a state of “oh, I know what I’m doing!



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