John Tran

The Secret to Meeting A Higher Self

Whatever your goal is, make sure it is crystal clear if you want to succeed. Clarity is one of the critical factors that can make the difference between failures and success.

Why does clarity matter?

When you begin discovering personal development and your ability to improve, you will naturally want to experience this for yourself. But if you are unprepared, you may set very vague goals.

Vague goals sound like this:

  • lose weight
  • earn more money
  • build an online audience
  • get in shape
  • work more

The problem is not the goals or intentions but how they are set. While you may think you know what you want, do you? If you lose weight, how do you want to do that? Will you eat less, work out more, or both? If you want to earn more money, will you ask for a raise, look for a better job or start your own business?

When you clearly define your goal, you automatically know where to start and what you need to do. But when your goals are vague, you have no idea what you’re supposed to do.

Vague goals have this problem: they do not tell you what to do, when, or how. They also do not explain if there are any deadlines or conditions.

Here are the problems you are likely to encounter if you set vague goals:

  • you will be confused
  • you will not have a clear plan in mind
  • you will procrastinate
  • you may become anxious because of uncertainty
  • you may do tasks that make you think you are working on your goal when you are just keeping yourself busy
  • you won’t know what habits you need to develop
  • you won’t be able to tell if you are making progress and if you are headed in the right direction
  • you may give up

What happens once you set clear goals?

  • you know what you have to do
  • you can tell if what you are doing works
  • Do you know what habits you need to work on
  • you have a clear deadline
  • you have a series of tasks that you will work on
  • you may be less anxious because you know what will happen
  • you are more motivated
  • you have a higher chance of succeeding

These were the realizations of John Tran, a copywriter who went through several sessions with Hassan. Realizing the importance of clarity in his life, he was able to meet his higher self and is now ready to conquer the world with his clear mind.

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