Ruthie Calucin
Insurance Agent

Unleashing the Nitty Gritty in One’s Self

Overwhelmed by changes?

Change is challenging for everyone. Whether changes are planned or not, the transitions in life may blindside you and cause a lot of fear and worries. Change is normal, but “normal” doesn’t equate to comfort.

The same is true for Ruthie Calucin, an Insurance Agent who underwent many changes as she moved from one place to another—left feeling unsure of what she wanted to do and adjusting to living in California, not even sure how she’s going to generate income but wanting to support her daughter with her state tuition at the same time.

The “good” change started.

Truth be told, we all go through hardships and need help from someone to manage our lives. Connecting with one of our counselors, advisors, or whatever you call that who can give you guidance and an objective view to help you identify your values and goals to move forward with your better self.

Meeting Hassan has been a life-changer, for sure!



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