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Customized coaching & consulting programs to help you become more consistent, productive, and profitable – one week at a time. Designed with great care for:

  • Entrepreneurs with ADHD
  • Corporate executives & teams
  • Agency owners & solopreneurs
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Take control of your clarity and energy.

Take control of your clarity and energy.

You don’t need more discipline or productivity tools. All you have to relearn is – how to maintain consistent energy and find a predictable way to get clarity of thought. That is precisely what we do in this 90-day one-on-one sprint.

  • Go 7 Levels Deep: Procrastination is a symptom, not the cause. In this program, Hassan works with you on a dedicated basis to discover the real reason why you put things off.
  • Build Accountability: Hassan delivers weekly one-on-one sessions ranging from 30 to 90 minutes or more – depending on your needs. Every week, you will record, score, and measure your wins & opportunities to learn. 
  • Learn How to Use the Same Calendar & Get More Time: Cultivate habits and processes that make you the master of your time – so you can invest time in things that truly matter to you. 
  • Lifetime Access: Become part of a global networking community of learners growing in your industry and facing the same challenges as you. Plus, get access to all the personalized learning material and workshops in the near future.
Take the leap from endless cost-cutting to make more money, more consistently.

Take the leap from endless cost-cutting to make more money, more consistently.

Businesses don’t grow by cutting more costs. They grow by allocating resources to the most value-delivering areas. In this 90-day sprint, Hassan will teach you how to scale your business’ growth by:

  • Discovering Your Growth Engines: Cut down the years of trial & error into weeks of solution-mapping to double down on what really matters for the growth of your business.
  • Installing Business Operating Systems: Get the systems and frameworks that make your business foolproof so it can scale effortlessly while you focus on strategic decisions.  
  • Saying No to “Money-Leaking” Marketing: Hassan works with every business over a 90-day period to deliver a tailored strategy for acquiring, retaining and delighting customers. All his learnings come from running thousands of campaigns for hundreds of businesses as the CEO of marketing behemoth Bash Revenue. 
Join the Most Awaited Cohort of The Emergence Collective.

Join the Most Awaited Cohort of The Emergence Collective.

Emergence stands for the quality of a system where the collective is more powerful than the sum of its parts. That is exactly what you will learn in this cohort-based program where 6 learners focus on: 

  • Personal Operating Systems: Use tested frameworks and processes to gain predictable productivity. 
  • Energy: Develop lifestyle habits that ensure consistent energy for consistent productivity. 
  • Clarity: Create a personalized toolkit to understand the next steps for where you want to take your business, your performance, and your relationships
  • Influence: Learn how to communicate to create an impact and not just to deliver ideas. 
  • Courage: Understand your unique decision-making process and learn when to push the pedal so you can take the decisions you know are necessary.

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Change Your Life Forever With One Session I Hassan Bash x Elaine Kochanowicz "I have pursued this start-up opportunity a lot more. It's still in its infancy state, but it's exciting! And it's giving me a vision I'm looking forward to."
Elaine Kochanowicz, Seven Figure Business Owner Hassan Bash
The Secret to Gearing Up for Greatness I Hassan Bash x Rod Daniels "I'm more confident and eager to do what I do, and I was geared up to ratchet to another level."
Rod Daniels, Restaurateur/Realtor Hassan Bash
Breaking Down OS and How It Helped I Hassan Bash x Rachel Green [The session] helped to break down the process of when a call comes in, what happens with the call, and the different features and benefits we can bring to the client. I saw the advantage of having [data] because you [Hassan] gave us that.
Rachel Green, State Tax Consultant at Tax Relief Pros Hassan Bash
Getting the Right Tools in My Belt to Succeed I Hassan Bash x Peter Jobst "My marketing and message are better, my offers are better, and my story is better."
Peter Jobst Entrepreneur
The Old Me is Dead! I Hassan Bash x Leigh Lim "[I have] rebuilt myself in the ground up. Like I have broken that person down so much to a point where I am rebuilding the foundation so I can build a more beautiful, high-performing, the best version of Leigh. It’s revolutionary!"
Leigh Lim, Program Director at Valuetainment Hassan Bash
What Made Us Jumpstart Our Exports Successfully I Hassan Bash x Mokabar "As time passed, we discovered how useful the 90-Day Game Plan was. It was a real game-changer!"
Marco and Andrei Bertolino, Mokabar Hassan Bash
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