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Tap into a Wealth of Knowledge and Networks as a Result of a Remarkable Journey from Marketing Leadership, Operations Excellence, to Being Your Trusted Advisor in Collaborative Growth

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Your Executive Performance Coach.

Your Executive Performance Coach.

Meet – Hassan Bash

  • Founder of Bash Revenue – the only digital marketing & scalability consulting firm in the USA and the Middle East.
  • Youngest speaker for Chamber of Commerce LA and Sigma Dubai.
  • Keynote speaker for AGS Dubai and AGS Malta.  
  • Dale Carnegie Black Belt awardee, Certified Performance Guide, Brain Health Trainer, and Scalable Business advisor.
  • Delivered a 90-day marketing /scalability program for the fastest growing real estate company in Dubai.
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Licensed to Help You Grow.

Scalable business advisor
General Assembly
Certificate high-performance coaching

Designed for predictable and repeatable success.

200+ coaches, consultants, agency owners, and C-Suite leaders have been through our programs.
Agency Owners
You want to cross $1 million revenue in 12 months.
You want to find the quickest way to cash in 90 days.
C-Suite Leaders
You need the high-performance edge to get clear head and a clearer calendar.
You need to optimize your workflow and build a sustainable career.

Real business owners. Real growth stories.

Hassan Bash's Coaching Brings Clarity and Success to IT Consulting Firm Owner "The biggest change in me is clarity. I now have a vision of where I want to go and the tools to get to those goals.
PETER JOBST CEO, Jobst IT Consulting
Tax Relief Pros' State Tax Consultant Rachel Green: Leading the Path to Resolution "Hassan brought us clarity on the bottlenecks which made us resolve and overcome them. He helped us break down our process and take advantage of metrics."
RACHEL GREEN State Tax Consultant, Tax Relief Pros
Brian Moncada of Adspend.com Shares Life-Changing Results from High-Performance Coaching "It was cool to see insights inside my mental frame of a lot of things that needed to be worked on. It held me accountable."
BRIAN MONCADA Founder, Adspend.com
Introverted Doctor Conquers Overwhelm with Help from High-Performance Coach "The whole world was overwhelming, but Hassan was patient taking on somebody who had no idea about what I was doing. He moved me along the journey quickly and efficiently."
Dr. Katherine Macey, Ph.D. Entrepreneur, Organize To Excel
Get Clarity on Starting a Business: A Construction Manager's Journey from Overwhelm to Productivity I had a lot of ideas and was feeling overwhelmed until I worked with Hassan. He helped me become organized and productive."
HARRY REYNOLDS Director, Kinetic Systems, Inc.
Unlock Your Long-Term Vision with This Strategy | 7-Figure Business Owner Shares Her Experience "It really helped me get some clarity on my long-term vision. I have been working on that, but you gave me two minutes to write it down, and it's crazy!"
ELAINE KOCHANOWICZ 7-Figure Business Owner
How Italy's Mokabar Leveraged Clarity and Hassan Bash's 90-Day Program Expand Their Reach We were overwhelmed by all the information but when we started doing the 90-day game plan, we discovered how useful it was. It's a real game-changer!"
MARCO AND ANDREI BERTOLINO Entrepreneur, Mokabar in Italy
From Overwhelm to Empowerment: How Hassan Bash Transformed the Life of a Campaigns Manager "Hassan's ability to lay out a plan and make things happen made us feel empowered and comforted. We trusted him because he followed through on his promises."
LISA BEAL Campaigns Manager, Last Chance for Animals
Transforming Digital Marketer's Overwhelming Workload into Sustainable Success "Life was overwhelming and I had identified some areas of weakness, but I wasn't sure how to address them. Hassan helped me gain clarity and develop a plan to move forward."
HASNAIN SYED Digital Marketer and Strategist
Insurance Agent's Transformational Experience: From Uncertainty to Confidence and Fulfillment "Meeting Hassan has been a life-changer. I totally did a 180. I felt lost, and suddenly, I had so much clarity."
RUTHIE CALUCIN Insurance Agent
Turning Ideas into Reality: A Family Law Attorney's Journey in High-Performance Consulting "I just had a figment of imagination and it became a plan of execution when Hassan and I worked together. Not everyone knows how to execute and that's where Hassan came in."
MATT SMURDA Family Lawyer
Discover the Power of Mentorship: A Journey to Overcoming Addiction and Finding Purpose "I'm seeing myself doing better on certain habits now-- replacing the bad with the good."
KHOREN KHATCH Logistics Broker
How Clarity Helped Barbara Ross Narrow Her Focus and Target Her Perfect Avatar "I have a greater awareness of what I actually need to work on, and I was able to target who my perfect avatar was, and that's where we get most of our business from."
BARBARA ROSS Writer/Entrepreneur
Transforming Life 10x Better: Harnessing the Power of a Feedback Loop for Success "Hassan recommended that I start doing what I did and within a couple of weeks, it just completely transformed myself."
DUSTIN O'DAFFER Youtube Content Creator
Valuetainment Program Director's Transformation: From Unfulfillment to High-Performance Success "I was born again like I'm a completely different person. The old me is dead. I don't think I've met someone question me like this, and I've had this type of guidance."
LEIGH LIM Program Director, Valuetainment
How a Restaurant Owner and Real Estate Broker Found Clarity in His Businesses "I thought I have everything in control but I was wrong. Hassan brought clarity to a lot of things and then things started to fit."
ROD DANIELS Restaurant Owner/Real Estate Broker
From Uncertainty to Success and Happiness: How Life Coaching Transformed a Locksmith's Life "Hassan provided more clarity on what I wanted. He helped me a lot in understanding how to achieve those things and identifying my fundamental values and core beliefs in life."
CHAIM SOLOMON Locksmith Business Owner
Reviving a Failing Tax Resolution Business in 90 Days | Montserratt Araujo's Success Story "Some would sell you unnecessary services, but with Hassan, it's a no BS approach, and going through the 90-Day Game Plan taught me a lot. It was eye-opening!"
MONTSERRATT ARAUJO Tax Resolution Attorney
Hassan Bash's Coaching: The Key to Growing Your Coaching Practice and Achieving Business Success "Hassan really changed my life. It’s really ousted me from the loss drastically."
REES RINGROSE Metrics and Measurements Analyst, Accenture
From Lost to Found: How High-Performance Coaching Changed A Copywriter's Life "I had no clear direction and had no clue what I wanted to do moving forward. However, after working with Hassan in a three-month session, I was able to accomplish a lot!"
JOHN TRAN Copywriter
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How can you work with me?

Throw the guesswork away. Choose the program that works for you.


Ideal for agency owners, consultants, coaches, and C-Suite leaders making at least $30k per month. In 90 days, you and I will:

  1. Design your 90-day game plan to get unquestionable clarity
  2. Engineer your Marketing OS to get more customers every month by burning less dollars
  3. Build your High-Performance Toolkit that guarantees more clarity, energy, courage, influence, and necessity every day
  4. Craft your Business Scalability System to install Business Operating Systems that free your calendar and make your business a fine-tuned machine
  5. Produce a Quarterly Strategy Roadmap where I conduct direct, customized, and targeted workshops for your entire time once a quarter
  6. Free access to Hassan Bash’s global network of 1,000+ investors, partners, associates, and leads across industries


Ideal for agency owners, coaches, and consultants who want to make their first $100k this year.

  1. Join the most powerful mastermind that pushes you to grow for 12 months
  2. Get personalized access for High-Performance Consulting, Business Scalability Systems, and Marketing OS Design
  3. Get introductions, make a network of customers/associates, and co-learn with the best in the business
  4. Learn the Quickest Way to Cash method to find customers, turn profits, and repeat it
  5. Get the support, feedback, and accountability you need from a community of likeminded professionals

Waiting never created change. Take the action today.

Lisa Beal Lisa Beal Campaigns Manager, Last Chance for Animals
I learned a lot, from small details to big picture reflections - working with Hassan has been a game-changer.
Brian Moncada Brian Moncada Founder, Adspend.com
Working with Hassan was like a mental training that helped me become more aligned with my purpose. It's a transformative experience!
Dustin O'Daffer Dustin O'Daffer Youtube Content Creator
My life is 10x better coming out from the coaching with Hassan. I was and still am on fire!
Barbara Ross Barbara Ross Screenwriter, The B Story Media
With Hassan, I was able to target my perfect avatar and have a greater awareness of what I actually needed to work on.
Marco and Andrei Bertolino Marco and Andrei Bertolino Entrepreneurs, Mokabar
The 90-Day Plan was a real game-changer! Whether you are a start-up or an established business approaching a new market, it's the best solution to your problem that we can think of!
Dr. Katherine Macey, PhD. Dr. Katherine Macey, PhD. CEO, Organize to Excel
Hassan is extraordinarily patient, excellent, and understands down to the very core of what he does. He can help you move forward!
John Tran John Tran Copywriter
I used to be pretty all over the place, but Hassan got me in the right direction, and my life got so much better!
Elaine Kochanowicz Elaine Kochanowicz Seven-Figure Business Owner
Hassan is so awesome! The one thing that makes him stand out is that he genuinely cares.
Chaim Solomon Chaim Solomon Entrepreneur
Hassan helped me a lot in understanding what I want, how I need to get those things, and what’s my fundamentals and core values in life.
Rachel Green Rachel Green Senior State Tax Consultant, Tax Relief Pros
Hassan helped us clarify many things within our daily work and brought us to the next level! You better try him and give yourself a chance to grow.
Matt Smurda Matt Smurda Family Lawyer
Hassan helped me come up with more tailored strategies for my business! He's a very solution-oriented guy who bounces ideas off. I highly recommend him!
Montseratte Araujo Montseratte Araujo Tax Resolution Lawyer, Araujo Law Offices
Going through the 90-day program was eye-opening! Hassan enabled me to thrive even when the resources were not at their best.
Harry Reynolds Harry Reynolds Director, Kinetic Systems. Inc.
I was able to understand priorities and gain so much clarity, and that improved my holistic performance. Hassan's professional help came a long way!
Leigh Lim Leigh Lim Program Director, Valuetainment
I was born again like I’m a completely different person. I don’t think I’ve ever had this type of guidance. I am so grateful, Hassan!
Rod Daniels Rod Daniels Realtor
Hassan brought clarity, better understanding, and titles to a lot of the things I was doing, and then things started to fit. Things are all coming together for me!
Ruthie Calucin Ruthie Calucin Insurance Agent
Meeting Hassan has been a life-changer. I was lost, and then suddenly, I had much clarity. I feel like I did a 180. Hassan helped me find that gritty within me that wants to come up when she’s ready.
Rees Ringrose Rees Ringrose BPS - Metrics and Measures Analyst, Accenture
Hassan changed my life. It has ousted me from the loss drastically. Get in touch with Hassan. You will not regret it!
Peter Jobst Peter Jobst Entrepreneur, IT Jobst Consulting
My marketing, message, offers, and the story is better! I transformed with so much clarity! Having Hassan, who can push you in different areas, is good.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ROI of Hassan’s programs?

Depending on the magnitude of your problem, your market, and your engagement – the real ROI will differ. But, clients have reported achievements like:


-$1 million in annual revenue for their agency of 5-6 people. 

-4x revenue growth for their medium-sized business.

-8x productivity increase without working more hours. 

-90% increase in accuracy in predicting returning customers. 

-70% increase in monthly recurring revenue. 


Find these results promising? Book a free call with Hassan to learn how to get them for yourself. 

2. What are the most common problems Hassan’s programs address?

Most clients who find incredible ROI with Hassan’s programs usually start with problems like:


-I either don’t work at all or work 14 hours a day. 

-I don’t seem to have the time/energy I want to give to my business, my relationships, and myself.

-I am underutilizing my skills. 

-I procrastinate a lot, or I have too much on my plate.

-I cannot see the next avenue of growth in my business. 


If this sounds like you – book a free call with Hassan today

3. Coaching is not for me. Isn’t it all the corny stuff?

We are very good at telling ourselves excuses without finding the real cause of problems. 9 out of 10 clients who work with Hassan believe procrastination and poor scheduling are their biggest challenges. Most of these clients realize – with weekly touchpoints and their reflective sessions with Hassan – that the root cause for their problems is completely different from where they were looking. 


From a 30,000 ft. view – everything looks corny. You will see the impact in detail. Want to see the impact today? Book a free call with Hassan. See for yourself. 

4. What can I expect from the programs?

Every program brings:


-60-90 minutes of dedicated time each week with Hassan Bash.

-A customized toolkit of frameworks to organize, reflect and act meaningfully. 

-Incremental increases in your energy, focus, and clarity. 

5. How is Hassan Bash different from other coaches and consultants?

The person and the business are not isolated. But, most coaches or consultants bring expertise in only one of the two areas – personal performance or business performance. Hassan runs a successful agency (Bash Revenue) and is a renowned specialist in performance coaching for entrepreneurs with ADHD, corporate executives & teams, and agency owners/solopreneurs. That makes him different – he brings an integrated solution to an integrated problem. 

Licensed to Help You Grow.

Scalable business advisor
General Assembly
Certificate high-performance coaching